• Shades of Jazz

If you’d like to download the course ($29), click on this link
Or if you’d like the CD (disc) and the download ($49), click on this link.

I filmed this course with the great Truefire crowd and staff down in Florida and its out now! It covers some interesting harmonic ideas and presents some (hopefully) useful information regarding using some simple material in different contexts to enhance your musical language. Pentatonics, triads, altered pentatonics, voice leading, altered dominants, II-V-I progressions, and other tools are covered in the course. There are 52 video segments (200 minutes, whew?!?) and some really great backing tracks to play over w/ Matt Pavolka – bass, Russ Meissner – drums and me laying it down.

Here is a video from the course about using pentatonic scales over a II-V7alt-I progression, with an interesting twist.

Here is a sample of some of the other videos in the course.

• Line Architecture

My new online course on “Line Architecture” w/ the New York Jazz Workshop is up and running. It explores techniques and strategies to develop and expand lines (starting with simple ideas). Taking familiar material and altering, reconstructing and reshaping it to increase vocabulary, and to deepen improvisational approaches. The course also covers some other areas, including voice leading, adding color and tensions to lines, and motivic development.

You can download this course ($49) by clicking on this link.


• NYC Jazz Guitar Summit

This is a compilation of lessons/sessions that Bruce Arnold organized as part of the NYU Jazz Guitar Intensive that he ran for a number of years, bringing in various guitarists from all over to teach and work with students. This course features over 8 and a half hours of material from 16 guitarists, including Sheryl Bailey, Jack Wilkins, Pete McCann, Roni Ben-Hur, Brad Shepik, Mimi Fox, Bruce Arnold, John Hart, Dusan Bogdanovic, Jane Getter, Randy Johnston, Peter Leitch, Gene Ess, Leni Stern, Bruce Bartlett and myself. I contributed a section on Motivic Development – how to start with simple ideas, develop them, build longer lines and work them into your playing. Check out this link for more info. Some great stuff in this set!

• Master Guitar Symposium, Volume 2

A DVD with guitar playing, instruction, practice tips and other things – featuring Gene Bertoncini, Roni Ben-Hur, Bruce Arnold and me. 3 duos: Gene/Bruce, Roni/Bruce, KW/Bruce – performing some tunes and talking about various aspects of music, plectrum and string theory. (Filmed at the NYU Guitar Workshop)