Kenny is available for private lessons,
both in person at his NYC studio and on-line.

If you’re interested, contact him at:
or  646-734-6269

With students, Kenny focuses on jazz guitar and getting a working knowledge of harmony and theory on the fretboard (trying to demystify the fingerboard).
Areas of concentration include voice leading, understanding and negotiating dissonance and consonance, comping, chord construction, chord melody, getting a strong and relaxed time and swing feel, and repertoire development (how to learn tunes efficiently without forgetting them).
As a teacher and guitarist, Kenny is interested in exploring the elements that go into improvisation: solo architecture, line construction, motific development, interacting with the surroundings, expression, and telling a story. He emphasizes developing one’s voice and personal sound on the instrument. Building sight reading skills on the guitar is also an area of interest.