Ornette Coleman’s website. Check out the home page, now that’s harmolodics!  Also some cool stuff inside.

Rob Waring
One of my favorite musicians and people. Vibraphonist, percussionist, composer. An old friend and compatriot, now living in Norway.

Badal Roy
One of the groovingest and soulfullest guys I know.

Jerome Harris
Guitarist and bassist and all around cool guy.

Joel Frahm
A pretty damn good saxophonist, when all is said and done.

Jamie Fox
Great friend and guitarist (or great guitarist and friend).

Rob Garcia
One of my favorite drummers, composers, and bandleaders…

Steve Gorn
Great musician, bansuri, woodwind player…and wonderful cat

Debashish Bhattacharya
Slide guitar virtuoso and one of the gems of Indian classical and improvised music…  plays some beautiful Hawaiian tunes too.

Lou Grassi
My upstairs neighbor and a beautiful drummer.
Also watches our cats, Blotch and Charlie, occasionally.

Adam Rudolph
Percussionist, composer, bandleader, philosopher of rhythm

Sam Bardfeld
Burning violinist, composer, and raconteur.

Karl Berger
Composer, vibraphonist, pianist, arranger and founding member of Creative Music Studio in Woodstock.  A great musical spirit.

Virginia Mayhew
Saxophonist/composer and hip woman, Virginia’s site.

Susan Pereira
An old friend who is a soulful singer, pianist, and composer (brazilian/jazz).



Shades of Jazz

Instructional video that I did for Truefire. You can check it out a bit on my teaching link, (under truefire tab). Over 3 hours of lessons, demonstrations, backing tracks w/ Russ Meissner and Matt Pavolka – focusing on voice-leading, pentatonics, triads, altered pentatonics, and more stuff.

Line Architecture
My new online course w/ the New York Jazz Workshop. It explores techniques and strategies to develop and expand lines (starting with simple ideas). Taking familiar material and altering, reconstructing and reshaping it to increase vocabulary, and to deepen improvisational approaches.

NYC Jazz Guitar Summit
This is a compilation of lessons/sessions that Bruce Arnold and Truefire organized as partof the NYU Jazz Guitar Intensive. This course features over 8 and a half hours of material from16 guitarists, including Sheryl Bailey, Jack Wilkins, Pete McCann, Roni Ben-Hur, Brad Shepik, Mimi Fox, Bruce Arnold, John Hart and others. I contributed a section on Motivic Development,

Master Guitar Symposium – DVD
A DVD with guitar playing, instruction, practice tips and other things – including Gene Bertoncini, Roni Ben-Hur, Bruce Arnold and me.
3 duos: Gene/Bruce, Roni/Bruce, KW/Bruce – performing some tunes and talking about various aspects of music, plectrum and string theory.
Filmed at the NYU Guitar Workshop



D’Addario Strings

A warm, round, dependable and long- lasting guitar string. I use them on my guitars.

Allen Amplifiers
David Allen makes some beautiful sounding handwired tube amps.

These guys distribute a bunch of great effects pedals, like Guyatone, Maxxon, etc.

Maine Jazz Camp
Jazz camp run by Paul Lichter and Christine Correa up in Farmington, Maine.
Some of my favorite players come up to teach.

Hot House Interview with Kenny Wessel
This is an interview I did for Hot House Magazine (November, 2016) … some anecdotes, experiences, long-windedness, and a couple of one-liners (most of it true).

New York Jazz Workshop
NYC community-based music school, run by Marc Mommas and Marco Chelo. Classes and ensembles, master classes and workshops are offered throughout the year. I run a Jazz Standards ensemble workshop there.

Earthquaker Devices 
Expansive and beautiful sound design a click or a stomp away.

Headstrong Amplifiers
Well-made, great sounding ampifiers with a clean, pure tone and a vibe.  

A remarkably small amplifier with a clean and warm sound.
Fits in my backpack – go figure.

Red Panda
Great effects pedals, not for the faint of heart.

Chase Bliss Audio 
Visionary sonic manipulation at your finger and toeprints.

Curling Legs
Record label run by Norwegian guitarist, Knut Vaernes.